French Market Tote

Kaari Meng
French Market Tote

Head to the farmer's market in style with this chic patchwork tote. It's a great project for using up those pretty leftover scraps that you just can't seem to throw out.

Finished size: 15"x17"


# assorted coordinating light- to mediumweight fabric scraps, totaling 3/4 yard

# 3/4 yard of linen for the lining

# matching all-purpose thread

# rotary cutter and mat (optional)

# tube turner or bodkin (optional)


Use 1/2* seam allowances unless otherwise noted.

  1. From the assorted fabric scraps, cut a variety of rectangles and squares for piecing together. The final finished front should be 16"x17 1/2". For the featured tote pieces, refer to the cutting diagram (A). Cut identical pieces cut a different shape assortment totalling 16"x17 1/2" for the tote back. From one of the selected fabrics, cut two 2"x22" strips for straps. From the lining, cut two 16"x17 1/2" rectangles.
  2. For the featured tote, position pieces B and C with right sides facing aligned along one 7" edge. Stitch this edge. Repeat to stitch piece D to piece. Then stitch piece E to piece D to create a 7"x16" center panel. Press open all the seam allowances (B). Topstitch around each piece perimeter, about 1/8" from the edge (C).
  3. With right sides facing, stitch piece A to the center panel. Press open the seam and topstitch around the piece A perimeter. Repeat to attach and topstitch pieces F, G and H to complete the tote front (D). Piece and topstitch the tote back accordingly.
  4. To make the straps, fold one 2"x22" strip lengthwise with right sides facing; press. Stitch the long edge. Use a tube turner or bodkin to turn the strap right side out. Press flat. Edgestitch both long edges. Repeat to create the second strap.
  5. Position the short ends of one strap on the tote front right side upper edge, about 4" from the side edges. Baste the strap short ends in place (E). Repeat to baste the other strap to the tote back.
  6. Position the tote front and back with right sides facing. Stitch the side seams, leaving the lower edge open. Press open the seams Repeat with the lining rectangles.
  7. Position the tote outer layer inside the lining with right sides facing, making sure the straps stay inside the two layers. Stitch around the tote upper edge. Turn the tote outer layer to the right side through the open lower edge.
  8. Turn the tote inside out again. Stitch the lower edge through all the fabric layers. Finish the seam with a serger or zigzag stitch if desired.
  9. Turn the tote right side out. Topstitch around the upper edge, about 3/8" from the edge. Topstitch again, about 1/16" from the upper edge (F).

Use a rotary cutter and mat to cut super straight and even edges.


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Patchwork Tote
This is adorable and I cannot wait to get started sewing this. I keep all my leftover material and this is a great project for that. Thank you


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