Odds & Ends Jar

Beth Bradley
Odds & Ends Jar

Store your sewing essentials in a handy jar with a pincushion lid.


# glass canning jar with a two-piece lid

# fabric scrap

# fiberfill

# fabric glue


1. Remove the jar lid and set aside the ring part. From the fabric scrap, cut a circle that's 2* greater in diameter than the circular part of the lid.

2. Glue a small handful of fiberfill to the circular part. Cover the fiberfill with the fabric circle. Glue the fabric edges to the circular part underside to create the pincushion.

3. Place the pincushion over the jar opening. Screw the ring part back onto the jar to secure the pincushion.


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the jars
use any jar ... recyle. i save everything and then once a month if i haven't used it i toss it in the recyle bin! Use you imagination!!!!
in where to purchase the jars.
Please excuse my spelling and grammer. I'll try toremember to proofread next time. windycity
in reply to where to buy the jars
Usually you can purchase jelly jars at you local hardware store such as Ace Hardware. If you have home improvement stores in your area you might be able to purchase them there also. I have even found old jars of different sized at garage sales. You can purchase new lids and rings where every you find canning supplies. Even at grocery stores. Hope this will help. windycity
in reply to where to buy the jars
they are jars for canning. you can buy them in department stores esp in the summer when many people can fresh foods from their garden. many hardware stores even carry them during that time also. right now, i'd try to find them online due to the fact that they are pretty much out of season in the us.
Meant to add...
I live in the UK
Where can I buy the jars ?
I haven't come across this sort of jar before. Can anyone tell me where to buy them please ?
Good addition for nursery
Embroider nursery themed design on fabric & maybe paint design with glass paint on outside...thanks
Odds n' ends jar...Great idea!!!!
I love the odds n' ends jar. Very easy/fun to make. I can't wait to make them for gifts.


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