T-Shirt Redo



  • Scoop-neck 3⁄4- or long-sleeve t-shirt
  • 1⁄4 yard of stretch tulle
  • 1 yard of grosgrain ribbon
  • Matching allpurpose thread
  • Sharp scissors or rotary cutter

1. Find the center-front point of the t-shirt at both the neckline and hem. Draw a line connecting the center-front neck and center-front hem. Draw a line 1" to each side of the center line (A).


         A. How-to copy.

2. Cut along the center-front line, making sure not to cut through the back of the T-shirt.

3. Cut two pieces of ribbon that are each the same length as the T-shirt center front line. From the tulle, cut two strips that are each 2" wide by twice the length.

4. Stitch lengthwise down the center of one tulle strip. Pull the stitching bobbin thread, gathering the tulle strip until it's the same length as the T-shirt. Evenly distribute the gathers. Position one ribbon along the gathered tulle stitching line, covering the stitches; pin. Baste the ribbon to the tulle. Repeat with the remaining tulle strip and ribbon.

5. Position one of the tulle/ribbon strips centered along one of the drawn lines on the T-Shirt; pin. Topstitch down the center of the tulle/ribbon strip to attach it to the shirt (B). Remove the basting stitches. Repeat to attach the other tulle/ribbon strip.


        B.  How-to copy.

6. Trim the T-shirt center front edges close to the stitching lines.



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OMG How Cute!!!
How cute is this? And it was so easy to make I couldn't believe it! Everyone that has a t-shirt around should make this!!!!!


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