Drink Umbrellas

Amy Stalp
Drink Umbrellas


1. From the solid fabric, cut four 6" squares. From the interfacing, cut eight 6" squares.

2. Fuse one interfacing square to each fabric square wrong side.

3. Using the pattern on page 63 and the fabricmarking pen, trace one umbrella on each solid fabric square right side. Transfer all markings from the pattern to the fabric.

4. Spray one solid fabric square wrong side with temporary spray adhesive. Wrong sides facing, position the square over one print fabric square. Repeat to attach each remaining solid square to one print square.

5. Cut out each umbrella. On each umbrella, cut one spoke, cutting up to, but not through, the center (A).

6. Set the sewing machine for a 2.5 mm-wide, 0.5 mm-long zigzag stitch. Thread the top and bobbin with matching thread.

7. Working with the solid fabric side up on one umbrella, stitch all but one spoke and the cut spoke. Begin stitching just past the center and stitch outward; trim the threads (B).

To make all of the umbrellas from the same print fabric, purchase 1⁄4 yard of fabric instead of four 6" squares.

A Cut out umbrella; cut one spoke.


B Stitch spokes.

Drink B











When poking a hole through the umbrellas, be very careful not to make the hole too large. If the hole is too big, the umbrella won't stay on the skewer and it might end up in your drink.

8. Overlap the cut spoke with one section; stitch (C). Trim the underlap section approximately 1⁄4” past the stitching.

9. Stitch the umbrella outer edge, letting the right needle swing stitch just off the fabric edge (D).

10. Fold the umbrella along each spoke; press.

11. Using the point of a sharp scissors, poke a small hole through the umbrella center. Insert a wooden skewer through the hole.

12. Repeat for the remaining three umbrellas.


C Overlap sections; stitch.

Drink C










D Stitch around umbrella.

Drink D










Drink Umbrella Pattern

Drink Final

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