Otis the Owl

FROM KITTY-CATS TO GIRAFFES to bunnies to mysterious other-worldly creatures (see Invasion of the Plush Monsters on page 12), sewers and crafters are crazy about softies. Start your own zoo with a cuddly fleece owl.


• 1⁄4 yard of blue fleece

• 1⁄8 yard of green fleece

• 1⁄8 yard of white fleece

• scrap of yellow fleece or felt

• matching allpurpose thread

• fabric glue or spray adhesive

• hand sewing needle

• pink embroidery floss

• two 5⁄8”-diameter buttons

• chopstick or knitting needle (optional)



Use 1⁄4” seam allowances.

1. Using the patterns on page 47, cut two bodies and two pupils from the blue fleece. From the green fleece, cut one owl face and four feet. From the white fleece, cut one tummy, two eyes and one triangle. From the yellow fleece or felt, cut one beak.

2. Stack two feet, aligning all outer edges. Stitch around the perimeter, leaving the lower edge open (A). Clip the seam allowance. Turn the foot right side out, pushing out the curves with a chopstick or knitting needle if necessary. Repeat to create the other foot.

3. Thread the needle with two strands of embroidery floss. Blanket stitch (see “Blanket Stitch” on page 46) around the face perimeter.

4. Position the tummy and triangle pieces on one of the body pieces, referring to the diagram for placement (B). Stitch around the tummy and triangle outer edges.

5. Apply glue or adhesive to one side of both eye pieces. Position them on the face, referring to the picture at right for placement. Finger press lightly to adhere them to the face. Repeat to adhere the pupils over the eye pieces.

6. Center one button over one pupil. Hand stitch in place through all three fleece layers. Repeat with the other button.



This simple and useful hand stitch is a speedy way to finish raw fabric edges.

• Thread the needle and tie a knot at the thread end.

• Insert the needle along the fabric edge at 1.

• Insert the needle vertically at 2.

• Guide the thread through the fabric, catching the lower loop behind the needle at 3. Pull the thread so that it’s secure but not tight against fabric surface. Pulling the thread too tightly will cause the fabric edge to buckle and pucker.


7. Apply glue or adhesive to the face wrong side. Position it on the body, overlapping the tummy upper edge (C). Press to adhere the face to the body. Hand stitch or glue the beak to the face, referring to the picture on page 45 for placement.

8. Position the two body pieces with right sides facing. Position the two feet inside the body layers along the lower edge. Pin. Stitch around the body perimeter, leaving a 3” opening along one long side for turning (D).

9. Clip the seam allowances and turn the owl right side out.

10. Stuff the owl with the fiberfill, using the chopstick or knitting needle to push the fiberfill into the corners. 11. Hand stitch the side opening closed.






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Otis the Owl
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