Primrose Pincushion

INSPIRED BY THE COLORFUL PRIMROSE, this easy-tomake mini-pincushion is a perfect companion for hand sewing and embroidery projects. It also makes a cheery little gift for a sewing friend.

Finished size: 21⁄2”x21⁄2”

• 51⁄2” fabric square for pincushion
• matching and contrasting all purpose thread
• felt scraps for leaves
• polyester fiberfill
• beads, buttons and embroidery thread for embellishment
• hand sewing needle


1. Copy and cut out the pattern pieces at on page 39. Using pattern piece A, cut one circle from the fabric square for the pincushion. Use pattern pieces B and C to cut coordinating leaves from felt scraps.

2. Hand stitch a gathering line around the outside of the circle. Use the gathering line marked on pattern piece A as a placement guide. Take several stitches in place at the beginning to anchor the thread. This prevents the knot from pulling through when it’s time to gather the fabric. End stitching when you reach the beginning point.

3. Begin to gather the fabric by pulling on the thread. Before pulling the fabric completely closed, stuff the pincushion with fiberfill stuffing until it’s plump. Pull the remaining gathers tight and take a few stitches to secure the work.

4. Use buttons, beads and felt scraps to create a colorful center for the pincushion flower. Bring the needle and thread up from the pincushion bottom through the center top and then back down again. Pull the thread tight to create an indentation.

5. Embellish the felt leaves with embroidery thread and beads. Layer the leaves and hand stitch them to the bottom of the pincushion, covering the gathering stitches. 

SOURCE | Pins provided by Pinks and Needles; see page 8 for more information.



• Add dimension to each leaf by adding a running stitch down the center and pulling slightly to gather.

• Embellish the leaves on the sewing machine. Experiment with the decorative stitches on your machine or wrap perle cotton and metallic thread on a bobbin and design your own pattern.

• Enlarge the circle for big, beautiful flower pincushions.



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