Ribbon Scarf

Ribbon Scarf


1. Cut eighteen to twenty-four (depending on the ribbon width) 90"-long ribbon strands. Cut ten to twelve 6"x 10” rectangles of stabilizer.

2. Lay the ribbons out on a flat work surface in the desired order to measure approximately 6" wide. Tape one end of each ribbon to the work surface.

3. Starting about 13" from the taped end, slip one piece of stabilizer under the ribbon strips (A). Adjust the ribbons, aligning them in order but allowing them to twist and overlap a little. Moisten another piece of stabilizer with a wet sponge and place it over the first piece, sandwiching the ribbons. Smooth the stabilizers together to hold the ribbons in place. Pin together in a few places.

4. Stitch eight to ten parallel lines of stitching 1⁄2" apart through all layers, sewing in a continuous line. Backstitch at the beginning and end of the stitching (B).

5. Sandwich another section of ribbons between two pieces of stabilizers about 6" from the first section; stitch. Repeat a few more times down the length of the scarf, leaving about 13" of fringe at the other end.

6. Trim away the excess stabilizer. Following the manufacturer's instructions, soak the scarf in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes to remove the stabilizer. Rinse a few times with clear water, making sure all the stabilizer is gone. Drip dry. Trim the fringe ends as desired.

SOURCE | South Pacific Curly/Black ribbon and
Wild Iris 1⁄2" ribbon yarn are available through
Sally Houk Exclusives, (419) 347-7969,
www.picturetrail.com/sallyhoukexclusives. <

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